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Stop that stinking feet!

Smelly, stinking feet
How to stop smelly feet

It is known that our skin contains sweat glands and where this sweat cannot evaporate easily, it soon becomes good food for bacteria and yeasts to grow. The combination of stale sweat in shoes and socks and the actions of bacteria and yeasts causes the feet to smell, a condition known as bromodosis, which can be very embarrassing and affect confidence.

However, before you despair and worry about friends and family reaching for the gas masks every time you take your shoes off this summer, the good news for you is that smelly feet can be controlled.

Breaking the vicious cycle of smelly feet (bromodosis)

The feet have more sweat glands than any other body parts these glands constantly produce sweat whatever the weather. This means smelly feet is an all-year round problem but can be worse in summer months.

To understand how you can stop your feet from stinking, it is important to know the vicious cycle causing this problem.


Stop smelly feet
Smelly feet vicious cycle


The type of shoes and socks you wear and how you wear them affect the odour around your feet.

Ideally wear socks made from wool and man-made fibre. Nylon is no good contrary to what you might think, cotton is no good either as it has low moisture absorption ability. If you are up for it, try bamboo fibre or anti-bacterial socks. In addition, ensure you wear a clean pair of socks every day and avoid tight-fitting socks.

For shoes, avoid plastic linings, do not wear same shoes consecutively for days so they can dry out properly. This is especially true for trainers as they are insulating and it’s no wonder how the condition called athlete’s foot got its name.  Every fortnight, try to ‘sanitise’ the inside of your shoes using anti-bacterial wipes.


Bacteria and yeasts:

These creatures are always on our and here to stay but it is possible to control their growth.

If you suffer from smelly feet the easiest and cheapest thing you can do is clean or wish your feet daily. A number of ‘best cleansing agents’ have been mentioned. The simplest, of course is water with or without soap; others include salty water, tea tree oil, black tea (with no sugar, of course!), vinegar and surgical spirit. Whatever catches your fancy the essence of daily feet washing is to continuously wipe away the bacteria and yeasts on the skin and their population under check.

Check your feet regularly so that any infection can be promptly treated. The most common infection contributing to body odour is foot thrush or candidiasis caused by yeasts. Another infection is pitted keratolysis which are small pits appearing like honeycomb but giving off unpleasant smell from your feet.

The general state of one’s health is also important. Conditions that suppress immune system can give yeasts and bacteria unrestricted growth on the skin.


Sweat control

Excessive sweating of the soles is called plantar hyperhidrosis and is the major cause of smelly feet. There are a few ways to control feet sweating.

People often start with the use anti-perspirants which are readily available in pharmacies and superstores.

Iontophoresis is often offered in hospitals and home kits are now available to buy for personal use. Treatment takes about 30 – 40 mins and initially starts with a few sessions per week reducing to a session every 3-4 weeks.  The treatment may not be readily available around you and finding the time to attend appointment may be a chore.

Surgery to destroy the nerves controlling sweating in your feet is possible but this is like hitting a fly with a sledge hammer. Unfortunately, our nerves are not labelled like engineers do to the cables in our homes so it is often difficult to isolate the sweat nerves there is risk of damage to other nerves causing impotence and sexual dysfunction in women.

Botulinum toxin (Botox®) has been proven to be effective in controlling sweating in any part of the body. In my opinion, excessive sweating of the feet should be a thing of the past with Botox® treatment. This treatment is not only very effective but also lasts for few months meaning you do not have to worry about repeated appointments as with other treatments. Also, there is virtually no risk and downtime with Botox hyperhidrosis treatment.  The reason why this treatment has not been so popular is due to the technical expertise required. The sole of the feet has a thick skin and usually anaesthetic creams are not be effective in numbing so a special anaesthetic technique needs to be used. In my practice, I offer a foot block by injecting local anaesthetic just around the ankle. This effectively numbs the foot making the procedure painless to perform.

For consultation about how Dr Boye can help you stop smelly feet, call Bloom Clinic today.

5 summer-ready aesthetic treatments

Summer is here at last! The sun is shining, flowers blossoming, the sweat would soon be pouring and yet the urge to be outdoors and flaunt your summer body couldn’t be more.

Whether you are planning to go away or simply would do with strolling around the parks in your neighbourhood, the fact is you are going to be meeting and socialising more. Add to this the many invitations to weddings and barbecues, then you’ll agree this is the time to start planning your best looks this summer.

Here at Bloom Clinic, Dr Boye offers his choice of the top must-do aesthetic treatments to keep you on top of your game this summer.


Give yourself a refreshed look this summer and a nice summer photo to look back on removing the vertical frown lines between brows and getting a brow lift that reveals fresh and open eyes. The effect of treatment will last through summer. Dr Boye is an expert at producing flattering natural looks with no loss of expression. Click here to see before and after photos.


With excessive sweating, not only do people avoid the usual summer colours due to sweat marks, the activities of skin bacteria on the sweat can result in body odour. Hyperhidrosis treatment is quick to perform and the result cannot be overstated – a dry, clean and fresh-smelling underarms that make you proud and confident in your colours. Underarm hyperhidrosis treatment is quick and easy, watch it here; again effect lasts through summer and beyond.


“I wish we could wear gloves all year round”, a client once told me. Truly, apart from our face no other body part express our personality as our hands. Wrinkly hands can be a give away both for age and wear-and-tear our body has been subjected to. Watch Dr Boye performing hand rejuvenation here.


Skin tags, moles and other blemishes are not only annoying by catching on your clothes but they can also ruin your summer and affect confidence in your choice of clothes. Dr Boye offers low-impact, no-downtime procedures to remove this blemishes with little or no scarring. Now is the right time to get your skin ready for the getaway on the beach. For before and after photos, click here.


Whether you are going away or simply going to sunbathe in your garden and walk in your local park, the effect of sunshine is that your skin will be slightly dehydrated by end of summer. This loss of moisture is often the reason why lines and wrinkles start to appear. Now is the time to get a head start this summer by ‘stocking up’ rather than ‘topping up’ at end of summer when skin dehydration may have set the wrinkles in.

Here’s wishing you a very lovely summer and I look forward to helping you look your best this summer so you can have great picture to look back at.

Understanding body fat

When you look in the mirror and see bulgy areas you wish could go away, your mind quickly goes to either dieting (or other weight loss programs) or fat removal by body contouring, of which liposuction is the commonest method.

But does each method work in all situations. The simple is no and a basic understanding of body and its contribution to body weight can help you understand what can work for you.

Body weight is derived from a few components, which are your body fat, muscle mass, bone density and amount of water. No wonder there is a huge weight gain in people retaining fluid and doctors weigh them as part of monitoring their response to treatment with water tablets. Also, the popular joke that rugby players are obese become understandable when you think of their BMI (Body Mass Index) being high due to their muscle mass. This shows that fat is only one part of the picture when we talk about body weight but why are we all focused about reducing body fat to achieve weight loss.

The answer lies in understanding the types of body fat. There are two types of body fat – visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

Visceral fat lies under the muscle and deep down inside the tummy and chest. It is a heavy, dense and fibrous fat, which contributes more to body weight than subcutaneous fat. Body contouring procedures cannot reach visceral fat but the good news about visceral fat is that is very responsive to metabolic changes in our body, which means it is quickly used up with exercise or weight loss diet and more is deposited with overeating.

Subcutaneous fat lies just under the skin. It is usually lightweight and ‘wobbly’ creating folds and rolls like bingo arms, bra flabs, muffin top and tummy apron. Its response to body’s metabolic changes is very low which is why after exercising and dieting, you may still find pockets of fat that won’t go away. This is the reason for one interesting observation in people’s body weight. Weight gain by fat increase is usually uniform (causes increase in both visceral and subcutaneous fat) but weight loss, sadly, does not follow the same pattern – often a lot of the subcutaneous fat refuses to go away. The good news, though, is that body contouring procedures are effective not only in removing the subcutaneous fat but also provides the opportunity to sculpt the body by leaving fat where you desire it and removing where you do not.

There are simple ways you can guess whether you carry more visceral fat than subcutaneous fat. If you are obese with a potbelly, it is likely that you have more visceral fat and would benefit from weight loss. On the other hand, if you are athletic, or just about a stone or two overweight and noticed some rolls or bulges, you are more likely to have subcutaneous fat and will be an ideal candidate for liposuction.

Ultrasound scan can also be used for assessment.  The ratio of visceral to subcutaneous fat can be estimated and assess the structure of the subcutaneous fat. The use of ultrasound scan in our clinic has not only helped in convincing our clients in choosing the right approach but also monitor progress of their treatment or weight loss.




A New You in Bloom

A new year is upon us, which means that you’ve probably promised a new you. This will be the year that you stick to a strict regimen of diet and exercise, and shed those last few stubborn pounds! You’re not alone – according to research, almost a third of adults in the UK make this same promise. January is a boom month for gyms, personal trainers, hypnotherapists, dieticians and nutrition advisers.

Of course, such practices are rarely sustainable. It’s one thing to enjoy a fresh start to 2017, but it’s another to maintain new behaviours into the spring and beyond. That is, until now. Make an appointment with the Bloom Weight Loss Clinic, and feel the difference when you lose weight the Bloom way.

Knowing that many people fail to achieve their weight loss target, or to maintain it once they have done so, Bloom Clinic takes a new approach to this age-old conundrum. Rather than taking the one-size-fits-all approach of a franchise that specialises in a single area of expertise, Bloom focuses on the needs of the individual client, and devise a comprehensive plan according to your needs, preferences, lifestyle and schedule.

Oftentimes we are faced with a client requesting liposuction, when organic weight loss would be considerably more effective. Alternatively, some clients grow frustrated at their inability to tone up despite rigorous effort; clients who should instead be investigating medical fat removal procedures. 

Bloom’s approach begins with a thorough look at medical history, and an assessment that includes ECG and blood tests. Next comes an ultrasound scan to determine the ratio of Visceral-to-Subdermal fat, and the ratio of body fat to muscle – no more cursing the inaccuracy of BMI readings of muscle mass.

There’s a science to Bloom’s approach. Weight gain is proportional, meaning that fat is gained all over the body both in the visceral and subdermal areas. Losing weight, however, involves shedding visceral fat first; useful, as dropping visceral fat reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 Diabetes and many more health concerns. Bloom also educate clients and set safe, realistic schedules and targets, eradicating the risk of sagging skin left behind by sudden and rapid weight loss and helping keep the skin healthy using a host of holistic therapies. In devising a weight loss management strategy, Bloom take an approach that delivers the best treatment for you.

Uncoordinated and unmonitored weight loss plans, diets or exercise programmes often fail, as they rarely take the comprehensive approach required. This is why Bloom emphasise the need for a multidisciplinary approach, and seek permission to reach out to any practitioner involved in a previous weight loss programme, using these contacts to create a trusted and reliable team for every client. There’s no cheating the Bloom plan, either!

Sometimes, however, you may also need a hand. Bloom’s body sculpting clinic uses minimally invasive liposuction treatments to do away with those frustrating localised fat pockets, in addition to offering staged liposuction to assist in de-bulking fat from beneath the skin. Liposuction is no substitute for lifestyle changes and carefully planned nutrition, certainly, but the results of these procedures have motivated countless patients to embark on further weight management campaigns.

Bloom Clinic has made seismic advances in the field of size reduction and these astonishing developments are available for you to experience.

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