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Fat Removal

Fat Removal in Milton Keynes

The latest advances in liposuction have made fat removal a much safer and more straightforward procedure, which allow for reduced amounts of downtime afterwards. For example, it is now possible to do small to moderate areas under a local anaesthetic, whilst larger areas need not require more than twilight sedation with local anaesthetic. Assisted fat removal procedures using the latest techniques in ultrasonic liposuction or water liposuction have become the most common cosmetic surgery procedure.

Body contouring involves both fat reduction and sometimes fat transfer - where excess fat from one part is transferred to another area of the body. Dr Boye carries out removal of body fat using Aqualipo or VASER™, two latest technologies in assisted liposuction in which he has significant expertise. Dr Boye is one of the few cosmetic doctors in the country with combined expertise in two techniques and the only practitioner providing these treatments to Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas of Olney, Woburn, Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and Northampton.


Treatment sites

Fat can be removed from any area where there is excess or where you simply do not want it. The most common liposuction treatment areas are the belly, flanks, hips thighs and bra area.

Recovery after liposuction

Most people are back into the swing of everyday life within a few days. In the post-operative period compression garments need to be worn to aid healing; clients go back to gym in the third week after the procedure. Your post-operative follow-up plan involves a number of visits for physical and manual therapies to speed up recovery.

To aid recovery and help your skin re-drape over the treatment area, compression garment must be worn for a few weeks.  

Our treatment process

We understand the need for you to carefully weigh up your options and decisions before having a procedure like liposuction; this is why we have staged our consultation process to make sure you are in control at all times. After your initial consultation, you will be given the quote and information for your procedure to take away and read during your cooling-off period.

You can now book a second consultation to discuss more and have your pre-op assessment and schedule a date for your procedure.

For simplicity, your quote is an all-in-one package that includes your assessment blood tests, procedure, take-home antibiotics, garment and the follow-up visits so you need not worry about any hidden costs.

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Bloom Clinic is the only clinic in Milton to offer water liposuction with BodyJet™, an innovative German technology which uses water to safely remove unwanted fat cells. Aqualipo is gentle, done under local anaesthesia and recovery is quick so you will not need to be confined to days of bedrest.

With Aqualipo you can have a flatter stomach, thinner thighs, slimmer hour-glass waist and even fuller breasts by transferring the removed fat.

Make use of our special introductory offer of 20% OFF for one area to discover what Aqualipo can do for your body! Your improved body contour is waiting for you at Bloom Clinic.

Here's what one of our clients says:

" I've tried so many different exercises and diets but nothing got rid of the stubborn fat I had on my hips until I tried Aqualipo. It's amazing and certainly the quickest, easiest and most effective fat removal method I've ever used" - Sarah Darlington, London

Surgical versus non-surgical fat removal

Assisted surgical liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure with more predictable results, as amount of fat removed can be based on accurate estimates from the preliminary ultrasound assessment. The surgical method achieves better body sculpting results as it is possible to shape the body as desired during treatment.

With non-surgical liposuction, it is difficult to predict the result, not only as the amount of fat removed is impossible to predict but results also depend on your body's ability to wash out the broken down fat from the body - everyone is different. Another factor to consider is time - many sessions may be necessary to achieve the best result, so it is important to make time for your appointments.



Liposuction versus fat reduction injections

From our experience, it is not only difficult to predict the result of these injections, but lumpiness or inflammation may also arise from the uneven spread of the injection. Many sessions may be required and there is a risk of the medication accidentally entering the blood vessels.

What about diet and exercise?

Diet and exercise are good for reducing visceral fat (fat between the organs) but not so successful in removing all subcutaneous (fat under skin). These 'resistant' areas can be successfully removed and sculpted with liposuction. 


Why choose Bloom Clinic for your body contouring?

Advanced liposuction techniques
Convenience - your local VASER and Aqualipo expert
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