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Causes of Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia is the development of breasts on the male chest. These breasts can either contain pure fat (these are called pseudo-gynaecomastia) or a mixture of breast tissue and fat.
Most cases are acquired mainly due to hormonal imbalances caused by conditions or use of some medications, alcohol and anabolic steroids. Whilst the condition is not a threat to health it can be very distressing, embarrassing and socially isolating. Many cases result in a loss of confidence, and often men with the condition feel unable to take part in activities such as swimming. At Bloom clinic, we want to see people enjoy their lives without worrying about the way their body looks, and male breast reduction is a great solution for men who feel ashamed of the way their chest looks.


What is the treatment for gynaecomastia?

Whilst it may be possible to stop the condition getting worse, the treatment for chest reduction we offer involves removal of the breast tissue and fat around it. The extent of gynaecomastia surgery depends on the severity, size of the breast tissue and presence of redundant skin. For mild cases, especially when the breasts contain only fat, fat removal by AquaLipo or VASER® will sufficiently achieve male breast reduction. For moderate cases, liposuction can delineate the breast tissue which can be removed through small incision in the nipple. For more severe cases, removal of excess skin and breast lift may be required along with the above procedures.

Gynaecomastia surgery







Gynaecomastia treatment

How much does gynaecomastia surgery cost?

We recommend an initial consultation where an ultrasound scan is performed, so that we have a better idea of the amount of fat and breast tissue you have. Dr Boye performs treatment for mild to moderate cases, with prices ranging from £3500 to £5750, depending on the case. For more severe cases which require an additional skin procedure, we are happy to refer to our network of recommended colleagues who specialise in this.

How is the procedure carried out?

The male chest reduction procedure is safely performed under local anaesthesia, with some conscious sedation by our anaesthetist to make you feel more relaxed. Through a small incision that is hidden in the nipple area the fat and the breast tissue are removed by liposuction and excision. You will be able to return home a few hours afterwards.

Watch video of gynaecomastia surgery

Warning – contains graphic content!

Recovery after gynaecomastia treatment

As with most procedures, you will be given a course of antibiotics and painkillers to take home. You will be able to return to your normal daily activities after a few days. A compression garment will be worn for a few weeks afterwards, and in order to make the most of your new shape, we recommend going to gym from the third week after surgery to start toning your chest muscle.

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Hi, I just wanted to send you a message to say once again how pleased I am with the little bit of magic (botox) treatment I had a few weeks ago. The effect is exactly what we discussed and how I hoped it would be. Together with my new semi-permanent eyebrows I feel great and hope to look good in the wedding pictures in a few weeks. Thank you and see you next year! Regards
“I have been to Bloom for a number of years, not only for cosmetic procedure but also medical advice. I have found the botox treatment to be consistent and effective, and long lasting. I have been to a number of places in the area but have found Dr Boye will spend the longest on the treatment and I am always very pleased with the results. A very happy client.”
“I have now visited Bloom Clinic three times for ‘Botox’ and have been so pleased with the care and attention received from Dr Boye. He puts me at ease and talks through the procedure, answering my concerns and fears. Will recommend to my friends. Thank you x ”.
“Fabulous service. Very pleased with the results. Made to feel welcome and comfortable. Have been to Bloom many times and would really recommend to friends. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
“I would not consider botox treatment anywhere but here at this wonderful clinic.

Professional, friendly and very relaxing environment. I always feel at ease and most definitely satisfied with results. Care and attention to detail is a must for me! Ladies and gentlemen, you will not be disappointed. Best wishes to you all.”

“I am very pleased with my visit to Bloom Clinic. This is my second year and is extremely efficient.”
Mr Ghose
“I rang the clinic via “WhatClinic”- the response from Bloom was very quick & I was booked in within a week. I met with the doctor who explained 3 possible procedures. I opted for the cauterisation. Each skin tag was injected to numb it and they were then burn off. Absolutely no pain from the burning, injections were a little sore.

All areas have healed after 2 weeks, I am very, very pleased with the treatments I have received and the follow-up/ The costing was great, £300 for 12 skin tags. I would definitely recommend.”


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