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Lines and wrinkles

Look and feel young with Bloom anti-wrinkle treatments

Wrinkles are a natural effect of the ageing process. Lines an wrinkles initially appear with muscle activity (facial expressions) and then later the skin loses volume due to the natural reduction over time of collagen and moisture. As we age, skin thins and loses elasticity, meaning it is unable to hold the structures underneath which then sag due to gravity. The loss of skin fat occurs faster in the face than anywhere else in the body, making these particularly noticeable.

Manifestations of ageing vary from person to person, and the sequence of events is not the same for everyone. This means anti-wrinkle treatment should be a unique and personal service to reflect your individual aspirations and assessment. At Bloom Clinic, Dr Boye provides expert anti-ageing treatments to clients from Milton Keynes, Olney, Woburn, Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford and Northampton.

It all starts with a thorough assessment

Our firm belief is that the success of your wrinkle treatment depends more on your consultation than the treatment itself. During the assessment, Dr Boye will be thorough in his review of your medical history and carry out a detailed examination - often with ultrasound scan assessment - to ensure receive candid, professional advice. The clinic's policy is that clients should not be rushed into decisions and Dr Boye has long been offering a cooling-off period to clients, making sure they are comfortable in their decisions before going ahead with treatment.

Dr Boye continues his professional development through attendance at masterclass workshops, national and international conferences, and 1-to-1 practical sessions with leading authorities in the specialty of aesthetic medicine. Since founding Bloom Clinic in 2008, he has been a leading expert providing aesthetic treatments to residents of Milton Keynes, Olney, Leighton Buzzard, Newport Pagnell, Woburn, Buckingham and even further afield.


Anti-ageing treatments that work

With the ever-increasing number of aesthetic treatments making the decision-making process fraught for clients, we ease anxiety by carefully evaluating every procedure we offer to comply with three basic requirements. All our treatments have: a proven safety profile, are effective and an impressive track record.

Apart from the common anti-wrinkle injections and cosmetic fillers, other treatments available at Bloom Clinic include:

Fat removal and fat transfer - using Aqualipo or VASER™ for body contouring

Thread lifts - whether you are looking to firm up your skin, boost collagen or lift your face, we are confident one of our threading techniques will work for you. A structure of very fine thread is inserted under the skin to promote collagen growth, tighten existing skin or lift sagging.

Skin peels use a penetrating formula to begin the rejuvenating process from lower layers of the epidermis in order to build a stronger, fresher looking surface - revealing a radiant skin.

Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures which include mini-facelift, lip implants and more.

Why choose us?

Apart from the fact that we offer a range of proven and effective treatments, we believe our strength lies in the way we combine these treatments to create a bespoke service for every client, with precise attention to detail, treating each person as an individual - no two cases are the same.

Prices for lines and wrinkles treatment

Our prices to revitalise you start from as little as £250 up to £5,000. You will be provided with a bespoke plan and quote after your consultation.

"Fabulous service. Very pleased with the results. Made to feel welcome and comfortable. Have been to Bloom Clinic many times and would really recommend to friends. Wouldn't go anywhere else!" - Nina

"Many thanks as always for a relaxing treatment. Very trustworthy and reliable service." - Ruth

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