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A sustainable weight loss solution in Milton Keynes

Achieving and sustaining a healthy weight is one of the most difficult facing many of us in terms of health and well-being. Maintaining a healthy weight eases many chronic health issues, allows us to keep fitter, boosts our energy levels, self-esteem and confidence. In short, a healthy weight unlocks so much of our potential - which is why we take weight loss seriously. For anyone battling frustrating faddy diets and struggling to keep the weight off - our weight loss clinic can help.

Bloom Clinic's long-term approach to weight loss is designed to help you lose weight safely, feel well and active during the programme, and maintain a healthy weight after treatment.

Bloom Slimming Clinic

In line with our core values we have evaluated the available weight loss options and chosen thse we believe are safe, effective and proven. Our services have been selected to suit your lifestyle, making our solutions sustainable over the long-term.

What we offer

Prescription weight loss pills: We offer a carefully controlled prescription programme of weight loss tablets - for those that prefer the medication route. A convenient way to fit weight loss around a busy schedule.

Nutritional weight loss diet programme with Lipotrim: This balanced, nutrient-complete food replacement programme began in 1987 as a GP-led initiative. The products provide all the nutrients you need in a perfectly balanced form, to allow you to lead a normal, active life. It relieves you of the need to worry about counting calories or points and you that your body is getting exactly what it needs.

BIB® Weight Loss System: The Bioenterics® Intragastric Balloon system is a non-pharmaceutical, non-surgical weight loss procedure suitable for those who would prefer not to have any daily routine like weight loss pills or slimming products that replace food. It is designed to provide a short-term weight solution in order to reduce obesity-related health issues, or if you need to lose a significant amount of weight in a short time.



Your weight loss journey at our slimming clinic

It all begins with a thorough medical assessment to review your history, diet and lifestyle. As a baseline your ECG, blood and urine test will be done. Dr Boye will perform an ultrasound scan to measure your fat layers and their ratios. Our experience has shown that often a combination of methods work better so Dr Boye will discuss the combination we think may best suit you. We also believe weight-loss requires multi-disciplinary approach and we form a team with your fitness instructor, nutritionist to ensure you are well supported to achieve your desired goal.

You will have regular reviews to monitor your progress and offer general well-being therapies and checks. After achieving your target, you then progress to the maintenance phase to ensure you sustain the improvement.

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Why choose us

  • Customised weight loss plan for you - a genuine bespoke plan rather than a franchised package
  • Clinical resource and expertise - we do your clinical tests saving you appointment with your GP
  • Expertise in removing resistant fat pocket - liposuction for those resistant fatty deposits 
  • Carefully monitored weight loss and aftercare - holistic care

A little note about BMI

Because it is simple, inexpensive and non-invasive, BMI has long been used as a measure of excess weight and fat in the body. However, BMI is more of an indirect measure of excess body fat. Factors that may affect BMI are age, gender and muscle mass. Also, BMI does not help assess the ratio of visceral fat (fat inside and between body's organ) and subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin). Visceral fat is responsible for the increased risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and other obesity-related diseases but it is also the one that is easily reduced by weight loss. Subcutaneous fat is not strongly associated with diseases but can be quite resistant to diet and other weight loss treatment. 

This is the reason why Dr Boye performs ultrasound measurement of the fatty layers. This is not only simple and non-invasive but also helps in deciding the best management plan and can boost clients' morale ad motivation.


Carefully monitored weight loss and aftercare

Our long-term approach to weight loss means that we want to help you maintain a healthy weight after you have achieved your goal. Initial thorough testing and assessment is followed up with regular monitoring and a series of treatment reviews, making sure that you get the most from your weight loss treatment, and maintain a healthy weight. 


Prices from as little as £28/week

Our aim is to deliver high-quality care at affordable costs which is why we have evaluated our slimming clinic products not only for safety and effectiveness but also to be of good value for your investment in looking better and healthier. 


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